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Rourke Training – Adaptability and Engagement Skills.

Rourke Training

Reviews of Kirsten's Presenting and Training Ongoing Mastery Services

"Her energy, charisma and passion for online learning and how to be the best presenter you can be was electrifying. She had the audience mesmerized."
Pegine Echevarria
Keynote Speaker
"Kirsten is one of a select few trainers that we often get requests for... I have enjoyed working with her and the knowledge that she brings to the table is second to none."
John J. Fothergill Jr.
Software Asset Management Analyst at MIT
"I met with Kirsten for one hour, which transformed my online presentation skills... I delivered an online workshop, and it went extremely well... I felt confident from the start of the workshop. I was able to build rapport with the participants from the minute they joined the call. "
Rosie Zilinaskas
Rosie Zilinskas
Executive Career Strategist
"She infuses any situation with bright, positive energy and has a special talent for motivating those around her. She is direct, she is honest and she is always ready to defend what's right..."
Josh Halford
Josh Halford
Creative Director
Kirsten... shoots from the hip and inserts her own vast experience and expertise... It's the building of dialogue with each party adding more to what is being discussed... tapping into the expertise of both the guest and host."
Anastasia Lipske
Anastasia Lipske
Speaker and Podcast Booking Agent

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