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Rourke Training



Our services are your secret weapon!

All of our offers include Instructional Design &
Speaking Performance Coaching as needed.

Need A Quick Fix? 45 Min Practice Session

In this session:

    • You will present a pitch or presentation for up to 20 min.
    • We will ensure your target audience is in focus.
    • You will get tips for creating engagement.
    • I will give you feedback on your deck, if you have one.


Just Looking For An Hour Consult?

These short sessions are designed to give you focused guidance about a specific issue. We can concentrate on reaching a specific goal, engaging your audience, tuning up an existing presentation, or practicing a new talk. We can:

  • Give you the tools you need to handle tough questions, inappropriate questions and maintain control of a Q&A session.
  • Shape your deck to be a powerful asset to your presentation. I will provide a list of suggested changes when we are done.
  • Tighten up your delivery and the ways you develop engagement with your opening


Want to tighten up a Tech Training or Webinar? 3-Session Deep Dive

The Deep Dive package focuses on presenting and speaking strategies and skills tailored to your needs. If you have a technical training class that needs more engagement, or a masterclass that doesn’t get questions from attendees, we can solve that. The first few minutes of any session set the expectations of attendees of what they should do. Use your intro & housekeeping strategically.

We build your solution together. We want to keep your authentic voice in everything. I will provide speaking action items. The RT team & I will do an instructional design review and action items for your content. We’ll have two practice sessions with feedback and end with a plan for ongoing mastery of those skills.

  • No more hearing crickets when you ask “Any questions?”
  • Get positive results from your next conversation with the board.
  • Address a specific issue with a solution and time to practice.


Are you looking for a larger program customized for your goals ?
VIP Packages: Solo or Group Work and Strategy Consulting

Do you need your training programs to be adaptable and engaging? Do you want to take your speaking from “not bad” to “Daaaaaaam” this year? Does your company need to select a learning management system or identify the strategic goals that will help the business the most? We will build a program for training, presenting, or speaking skills tailored to you or your group’s needs. Some examples are:

  • Convert Content for Online Delivery – Taking existing in-person content and transforming it for successful online delivery.
  • Solo or Group Presenting Practice – Practice is THE most important part of speaking work. We work with individuals and teams (of up to 10 people) to learn the tools and techniques they need AND give them a space to practice.
  • Keynote or Speech Choreography – We work with speakers to add or adjust the physical performance of their speeches to clearly and dynamically communicate their message.
  • Custom workshops on presenting and speaking mastery for large groups.
  • Train the Trainer consulting for individuals and teams
  • LMS Selection – We meet with you and develop a very specific list of your needs. Then we find three products that will meet your needs.

Prices start at $10,000. Book a discovery call to develop a plan and appropriate pricing.

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